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Weizmann Group

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We stand for fresh ideas in a changing marketplace, and innovative solutions to new challenges. 


There has never been a better time to stand out and offer something new. In an increasingly competitive market, even the best product needs to speak louder than the rest, and that voice needs to resonate.


The Weizmann Group is a young, dynamic company that understands many aspects of doing business in this new world, and our brands have been hand picked to reflect that. Our products tell a story that will allow you to speak to the next generation of customers.


We offer a mix of environmentally responsible products, affordable luxury alternatives and well known stable brands so that you can stand out and give potential customers what they really want. We strive to be different in what we do, because we know that’s what it takes. We want to help you do the same. 


We don’t just want to sell you our products; we want to help you sell them too. We believe in partnering with all our clients, and as the first jewellery agency to offer marketing and consultation solutions, we are telling you that your business truly matters to us. Your success matters to us. You matter to us.


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