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Digital Marketing Services Client Questionnaire 

This form will help by providing deeper understanding of information that is specific to your store and location that we might not already be aware of. Please fill it out with as much detail possible, but if you are unsure of any answers or they do not apply to you, feel free to leave that space blank. We cannot begin your services until we have received this form. 

Who are your top three competitors? (Other stores)

Please list any specialized services or unique offerings at your store.

Please list the top brands you would like actively promoted online (up to ten). 

Is there a specific landmark or area that your business is located in? I.e. a mall, downtown, etc (only provide this information if your address does not accurately pinpoint your business location).

In addition to our researched keywords, are there any specific keywords or phrases that you think would be valuable to target in order to help customers find your business online?

Outside of your specific location, are there any other areas you would like to target to draw customers from? 

Can you tell us about your average customer demographics? Age, gender, marital status, etc.

Thank you, we have received your submission. We look forward to working with you, and helping you grow your business!

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